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Breckenridge Ski & Sport Opens Its Second Location in Breckenridge

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From the title of this post, you already know the big news. Our beautiful little ski resort town, you know the one out of a Christmas Hallmark movie, is gaining a perfect, and conveniently located ski and bike rental shop right at the entrance to town. No more waiting in resort lines or fighting for parking, the new shop is located in City Market right by the Gondola lot. Come drop by the shop and check out the newest fleet of skis and snowboards in Breckenridge.

For those unfamiliar with Breck’s best ski, snowboard, and bike services, let’s get acquainted.

best prices in breckenridge

Best Value in Breckenridge

It’s safe to say that snowboarding or skiing can be a pretty pricey sport to partake in sometimes. Between the passes to access the mountains and ski lifts, the travel to and from, and the equipment, it’s definitely a trip that can rack up a pretty high tab if you’re not careful. Renting all your gear can also be a hassle from time to time depending on whether or not you’re renting from a local Breckenridge shop. Most visitors tend to get their gear in the town they plan to hit the slopes in just to help things go a bit smoother. That’s why Breckenridge Ski & Sport offers 30% OFF your entire rental when you book your gear through our website. Booking online not only makes the whole process faster and easier to get the right gear but booking online offers you the best rates on ski, snowboard, and bike rentals in Breckenridge!

best ski rental service in Breckenridge

Service Speaks for Itself

When looking for a reputable company to rent from, it’s safe to say that Breckenridge Ski and Sport is for sure the way. Not only is it an amazing company with tons of awesome reviews, but it also is very well known to have the newest and coolest equipment to hit the slopes with. There are tons of perks when it comes to this company, such as 30% off discounts when booking online, and an additional 15% off their sister company Peak 1 Express which specializes in transportation. This company even offers free transportation to get your equipment from the shop and then go to the slopes on the first day of your rentals.

most convenient ski rental shop in breckenridge


This new shop is located at 400 N Park Avenue unit #13b and is open daily from 8:00 am-7:00 pm. This location just opened and is located close to the Gondola in the middle of town for optimal convenience. This shop offers waxing & tuning services, gear rentals, and even some transportation options. Not only is it in very close proximity to gas stations, ATMs, and grocery stores, but it is also within walking distance of a few amazing food options you should definitely look into trying out while in the area. Windy City Pizza and Pub is an awesome Chicago-style pizza joint that offers dine-in and curbside. Not only that, but you can also get pasta, subs, wings, and even beer! It’s definitely an in-town favorite! If you’re looking for some tasty soup in the area I would highly recommend checking out Soupz On. It’s also located on N Park Ave and has some great options for those colder days.

All in all, this new shop is definitely one worth checking out and I promise this new and shiny shop will do more than blow your expectations out of the water.


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