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The Best Ski Shop to Work for in Breckenridge Colorado

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We have all visited Breckenridge on holiday, vacation, or from a neighboring city and thought to ourselves, “self, it sure would be nice to live here.” You become completely struck by the wanderlust of this picturesque mining town tucked in the scenic Colorado Rockies. Regularly referred to as Breck by the locals, downtown has a vibrant and entertaining nightlife, more historic landmarks and buildings than a museum, world-class skiing in conjunction with shopping, and some of the happiest people you will ever meet. Before you set out on your pursuit of unconventional dreams pack up to move into this ski, and biking wonderland set yourself up for success by getting a GREAT job. Breckenridge Ski and Sport is the place you can depend on for yearlong employment that is reliable and offers competitive pay, and multi-company perks.


When living and working in such a worldly and highly sought-after destination it can be pretty hard to find affordable housing. Breckenridge Ski and Sport knows this. They do not leave their employees hanging, as a lagniappe, they offer employee housing in the historic Old Valiton Hotel in Fairplay CO. Located on Main St., this newly renovated hotel has everything you will need from a shared kitchen to multiple washers and driers. If you’re new to town there are a ton of central hangouts here to get to know each other and build ties with colleagues. It is a historic building so the rooms can vary. Depending on your needs we have single rooms (twin bed all by yourself), couple rooms (One queen or one full bed), and double rooms (two twin beds). This is the largest and oldest hotel in town adding to its rustic charm and will make your work play an ease not to mention an experience you will never forget.  


Breckenridge Ski and Sport embraces competitive wages for its employees because we like to attract the best applicants, and at the same time see our retained employees happy and thriving. We try to offer more than just compensation for your work. Health insurance options in parallel with sick days are just one way we keep our workforce happy and healthy. PTO is another highly regarded amenity. It is such a massive quality of life-boost when you can take a planned vacation and not have to worry about income. Do you need an easy way to reach retirement goals? We got you covered there too. You will have access to a 401K plan that is a safe effective way for you to save some cash and invest in your future. As a small business, we are proud to be strong enough to afford benefits for our amazing workers. We know that when we take care of and invest in our people we invest right back into our company.     

perks of working for breckenridge ski and sport

Multi-Company Perks  

You may not know this but Breckenridge Ski and Sport is one leg of a string of local companies that work together in Breckenridge. When you choose B.S.S., we choose to give you a ton of fun entertainment options to keep you busy all Summer and Winter long. Among the finest amenities we offer for our beloved ski and snowboard bums is a full-time free EPIC locals pass. Your season pass gets you access to famous resorts like Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Crested Butte, plus Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. Also 20% off food, lodging, lessons, and rentals! The next unbelievable partnership we have is with Peak 1 Express. As an employee with B.S.S., you get Free rides with the most reliable airport shuttle company that services the Denver International Airport. Not only do they service more flight times than all the others, but they also have a great safety record and prove to be reliable time and time again. The coolest company that we work with is AVA Rafting and Zipline. They give us the pleasure of discounted trips for all kinds of stuff year-round like horseback riding, fly fishing, rafting, ziplining, and biking. As an avid outdoor company ourselves offering up ski snowboard and bike rentals seasonally, we want to make sure when you are living and working in the Rockies you have plenty of access to activities in the great outdoors. 

There is no shortage of things to make you happy in the melting pot of Summit County. You may wonder why you are holding yourself back from being a part of one of the most active fun and friendly communities in the world. Don’t be afraid to live and play where your heart sings. When you work for Breckenridge Ski and Sport the best ski shop in town, you can focus more time on finding your happiness in the mountains. 


About the Author

This was written by a very happy Breckenridge Ski & Sport employee.