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Why You Should Try Out an E-Bike

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic or being squished between passengers on public transportation. Wouldn’t you rather check out new routes and spend time outside in a fun and sustainable way? E-Bikes allow you to get around quickly and comfortably, save on gas, and reduce your carbon footprint. E-bikes aren’t just for commuters either; there are...
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Breckenridge Bike Trails for Every Bike and Rider

Breckenridge is one of the top biking destinations in the US. It is full of beautiful and exciting trails for all types of bikes and all ages. In this blog, we will go over our favorite Breckenridge bike trails for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Gravel Bikes and Path/E-Bikes, as well as some...
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How to Prepare for Summer in the High Country

Summer is undoubtedly one of the most cherished and awaited seasons of the year, and when it comes to Colorado, it is even more special. With its unmatched natural beauty, breathtaking mountain views, challenging terrains, and a plethora of recreational activities to choose from, Colorado’s outdoors are something that every adventure lover should experience. If...
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What to Expect in an April Visit to Breckenridge

These past winter months, the days have been shorter, darker, and even gloomier, as the bright sun of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains sinks early into the sky, yet as we enter April in Breckenridge, we can feel the telltale signs of spring.  Longer days of sunshine increase everyone’s energy, motivating us to spend more time flying...
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How to Reduce Altitude Sickness on Your Visit to Breckenridge

Experiencing dizziness, headaches, and fatigue? Wondering if you have a bug coming on, ate something funky, or just headed up to the mountains too quickly? All three of these symptoms are common symptoms of acute Altitude Sickness. Living at, or visiting areas of higher elevation, most of us in Colorado have experienced altitude sickness at...
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Breck skier terrain park

A Guide to Breckenridge’s Terrain Parks

You’ve been hitting the slopes, honing your ski or board skills all season. You’re flying, you’re confident, and it’s time to take your skills to the next level. Sound familiar? Ready to up your game and try out a new adventure? Freestyle terrain parks might be just what you are looking for to improve your...
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breckenridge's best ski shop

Breckenridge Ski & Sport Opens Its Second Location in Breckenridge

From the title of this post, you already know the big news. Our beautiful little ski resort town, you know the one out of a Christmas Hallmark movie, is gaining a perfect, and conveniently located ski and bike rental shop right at the entrance to town. No more waiting in resort lines or fighting for...
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ski rentals in Breckenridge co

The Best Ski Shop to Work for in Breckenridge Colorado

We have all visited Breckenridge on holiday, vacation, or from a neighboring city and thought to ourselves, “self, it sure would be nice to live here.” You become completely struck by the wanderlust of this picturesque mining town tucked in the scenic Colorado Rockies. Regularly referred to as Breck by the locals, downtown has a...
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ski boot sizing and fitting guide

How to Choose the Right Size Ski Boot Rental

Choosing the right fit for ski boots is crucial to having success in your skiing adventures this winter. Without proper gear fitting, injuries can occur, you could lose equipment and more. That’s why the experts at Breckenridge Ski and Sport are here to help answer any of the questions that you have in regard to...
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snow report breckenridge co

Our best Predictions for Colorado Snowfall During the 2022-23 Season

Recently the Farmer’s Almanac released its 2022-23 winter outlook, saying this winter could have some exciting snowfall! But winter outlooks inherently contain a degree of uncertainty since so many factors are not predictable in advance, and climate change is also adding to the complexity of weather outlooks.  Meteorologists have said this winter will resemble the...
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