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Demo Snowboard Rentals

Advanced snowboarder doing a flip

The Best Demo Fleet in Breckenridge

Our Demo Snowboard fleet includes boards from Salomon and Ride, with numerous options, so you can pick your favorite board and conquer the mountain.

Choose from the Salomon Ultimate, Super 8, Liberty Dance Haul, Sleepwalker, Assassin, and Huck Knife boards, along with Ride’s Twinpig, Warpig, and Psychocandy boards. Our exclusive demo fleet caters to riders of all levels, offering the opportunity to find your perfect match.

Whether you’re an experienced rider taking on steep terrain or an intermediate rider looking to progress your skills, our Snowboard Demo Fleet has a board for you. Try out the Ultimate for powder runs, the Super 8 for aggressive riding, or the Dance Haul and Sleepwalker for versatility and playfulness. For park riders, the Assassin and Huck Knife are great options.

Renting a snowboard from our demo fleet ensures you will find the perfect board for your needs and skill level, allowing you to fully enjoy the exciting terrain at Breckenridge Ski Resort.


Perfect Powder. Perfect Board.

Breckenridge unfolds a winter paradise for all riders, featuring high-altitude powder bowls, enticing tree lines, multiple terrain parks, and more than a few enticing mid-mountain watering holes. We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence to the mountain if we didn’t send you on your way with the right equipment to shred and enjoy it properly. Our diverse selection of Demo boards ranges from “surfy” directional sticks, to twin-tip terrain park terrors, and a few fun ones in between like Salomon’s Super 8, Dance Haul, and Huck Knife.

You can browse the available selection when you arrive and work with our trained shop techs to customize your setup to your liking and shred the day away.

Our Advanced Snowboard Packages include: Board and boots. Helmet also available for add-on.



Salomon Demo Snowboards

SALOMON Demo Snowboards

No Run is Off Limits.

Breckenridge Ski Resort presents a variety of intermediate to advanced and expert terrain, making it the perfect playground for riders using our Salomon and Ride demo fleet to discover the ideal board tailored to their needs and riding style.

Intermediate and advanced riders will revel in the abundance of blue and black diamond trails scattered across Peaks 7, 8, and 9. These trails offer steeper pitches, diverse terrain, and expansive runs. For those venturing into more challenging terrain, the tree runs, including The Burn, provide an excellent starting point. Salomon’s Huck Knife or Sleepwalker boards can serve as fantastic snowboards for intermediate riders aiming to advance their skills.

Advanced and expert riders can explore Breckenridge’s steep descents, narrow tree runs, bowls, and exhilarating chutes. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, check out the double black diamond runs like Horseshoe Bowl and Lake Chutes. To tackle the aggressive terrain, consider trying out Salomon’s Super 8, Assassin, or Dance Haul demo boards. These boards offer the stiffness and responsiveness needed to conquer these rugged runs.

Additionally, the resort’s terrain parks, such as Freeway and Park Lane, present an array of features like jumps, rails, and halfpipes, designed to cater to riders of all skill levels. Salomon’s Huck Knife or Sleepwalker boards can be an excellent choice for riders eager to refine their park skills.

With such an extensive selection available, utilizing the demo fleet from Breckenridge Ski & Sport allows you to discover the perfect board to match your skills and riding style. This ensures that you can fully explore and enjoy the resort’s challenging intermediate to expert terrain.


Salomon Demo Snowboards

SALOMON Demo Boards