Trails, Bike Rentals, and More

Local's Guide to Biking in Breckenridge

Getting organized for a day full of biking in Breckenridge can be a task in itself. Do you need to buy a summer lift ticket?  What kind of bike will you need?  Where can you rent a helmet, or buy extra gear? Where can you ride your bike? Stop stressing, and let the pros at Breckenridge Ski & Sport be your guide to hitting the trails like a local.

mountain biking in breckenridge

Purchasing Your Lift Tickets

Riding the BreckConnect Gondola is free in the summer but, if you are looking to downhill mountain bike, you will need to purchase a lift ticket. We recommend checking the resort’s website for the latest conditions and updates; and it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and purchase your lift tickets before you get to Breckenridge. You can easily purchase lift tickets online.


Is the resort the only place to bike in Breckenridge?

No! Breckenridge has endless biking trails to choose from. Whether you are looking to take a relaxing ride in town or push your limits on a black mountain bike trail, Breckenridge has something for you!

Do I need a lift ticket in order to ride in Breckenridge?

If you want to ride the Gondola to the top without a bike, the Gondola is free. You only need to purchase a lift ticket if you wish to downhill mountain bike at the resort.

Rent Your Summer Equipment

 Having an enjoyable bike ride is all about having the correct gear; no matter what skill level you are.  Book the newest and best equipment in Summit County (at an incredible price) with Breckenridge Ski & Sport.  Choose from a variety of rides and styles, like our hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes for trail riding; to our e-bikes, cruisers and gravel bikes for hitting the town. We’ve even got junior bikes specially sized for the kids.

Family Friendly Trails

Tiger Road is a great option for a family bike ride. This dirt road has an elevation gain of 170 feet making it a pretty smooth ride. The ride is 6.5 miles there and back.

Boreas Pass is more challenging but the views make this ride worth while. From the pass, you will be able to see the whole town of Breckenridge. The ride is 12.5 miles there and back. If you would like to make the ride shorter, it is very easy to turn around on the pass.

With an elevation gain of 300 feet, B&B Trail is a more challenging than Tiger Road but not by much. The B&B Trail is a 2.4 mile loop with other trails connecting to it allowing you to make this ride as long or short as you would like!

For a longer ride, head up to the top of Vail Pass. From there you can ride down to Frisco. You will descend 1,500 feet on your bike ride. This ride is very popular; a lot of other bikers should be anticipated. 

If you’re looking for a quick (and painless) way to hit the trails, try the Breckenridge Bike Shuttle operated by Breckenridge Ski & Sport. The shuttle departs twice daily, dropping riders off at Boreas Pass. 

Challenging Bike Trails

B-Line is a trail in Breckenridge known for its jumps and berms. This trail is descending but if you would like to lap the trail, there are trails to pedal uphill without the worry of other downhill bikers. This trail ends at Carter Park in town. B-Line is a great trail if you are interested in exploring because of its connection to other bike trails in Breckenridge.

Turk’s Trail is a great intermediate bike trail. This trail is only 1 mile long but do not be fooled, the 300 foot elevation gain will catch up to you! Like the B-Line, Turk’s Trail connects to many other trails so you will be able to make your ride longer if you wish. 

Looking for more of a challenging climb? Black Powder Pass is the trail for you. This black rated trail will have you climb 728 feet in one mile! You will be rewarded with wonderful views and maybe even spot some moose.