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Wax & Tuning

Does your gear need some TLC?

You are in the right place! Our experienced staff will get your gear in its best shape so you can have the best time on the mountain. If you are unsure of what your gear needs, bring it in and have a tech look at it!

Tunes do not require reservation, however, the earlier gear is brought in the more likely it will be ready for the next morning. Same day tunes are also available, depending on staffing, and quick waxes can be done in a very short time frame.

An employee will provide an estimate for the time frame upon assessing the gear and will contact you when your gear is ready to go. Gear can be dropped off and picked up at either shop location for any type of services and will be done on a first come first serve basis.

Give us a call to schedule your tune
(970) 368-4540

Services & Rates

Full Tune
Quick Tune
Binding Mounts
Full Tune • $50

This service is best for gear that is scratched up or has deep gouges, feels sticky, or has sustained base damage. We include base and stone grind to re-pattern the base, p-tex where necessary to fill gouges, sharpening of edges, and a hot wax.

We can also repair delamination of top sheets, but the cost will be assessed based on the intensity of the damage.

Buff Wax & Edge • $20
Hot Wax & Edge • $30

A quick tune includes an edge and wax. This service is great for removing rust and scratches from edges of your skis and adding wax to the base. 

Buff Wax • $10
Hot Wax • $20

We are happy to offer multiple types of waxing.

At our Huron Shop we use Wax Future for hot waxes.

At our Park Shop we have the option for either iron on hot wax. We also offer a quick buff wax for those looking to get out as fast as possible.

The buff wax will last a few days, while the iron on wax lasts a great deal longer.

Binding Mount • $30

We can work with most Salomon, Tyrolia, and Look bindings. For a binding mount the boots and skis will be needed. We additionally offer ASTM service to check safety of bindings, this test will use pressure tests to determine if the binding is releasing with an accurate amount of pressure.

Ski and snowboard tune up in breckenridge