Wax & Tuning

Gear Tune Ups

Does your gear need some TLC? You are in the right place! Our experienced staff will get your gear in its best shape so you can have the best time on the mountain. Walk-ins only.

At Breckenridge Ski & Sport, we use nothing but the best. When we wax your skis, we use Wax Future; The infrared technology creates the highest quality and most consistent wax results.


Quick Tune
A quick tune consists of a stone or belt grind, structure, and wax. If you feel like your skis or board are sticking to the snow, it is probably time for a refresh.


Full Tune
Your gear will get a full base repair, stone grind, edge sharpen, base edge bevel, wax, and a buff. If you have any base damage, a full tune is recommended.

Our Services

A pair of skis getting waxed


The Highest Quality Wax Using Infrared Technology


Stone Grind, Structure & Wax

Ski getting a stone grind


Full Base Repair, Base Structure, Stone Grind, Edge Sharpen, Base Edge Bevel, Wax Future & Buff
A binding being mounted onto a ski


Option to Add a Tune for an Additional Cost