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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Gear Rentals

Are there different levels of equipment?

There are! We offer different ski equipment packages based on your ability. For snowboards, we have an excellent all-mountain snowboard that is perfect for any snow condition, but equipment does not differ between skill levels.

Can I buy a discount lift ticket at your location?

We do not sell any lift tickets at our rental shop. If you’d like to purchase tickets to Breckenridge or Keystone you’ll find the cheapest options at, or if you are going to a different location you may find deals at

Can I buy my rental set up if I love it?

Wouldn’t hurt to ask! Let us know if you’re digging the gear and we can talk about options.

Can I rent just ski boots?

If a customer wants to rent just ski boots, it’s a $30 charge for the boots and for our tech to adjust and test the bindings on the guest’s skis.

Can I rent just snowboard boots?

Yes, but you’ll have to walk-in to our shop to rent just snowboard boots. This cannot be completed over the phone or online.

Do you offer discounts for multi-day rentals?

We currently are offering our best day pricing for ski and snowboard rentals, therefore booking one day versus multiple days will not adjust that daily rate. Breckenridge Ski & Sport strives to get you the best equipment at the best price!

Do you rent backcountry equipment?

We currently do not offer any backcountry equipment rentals.

Do you rent goggles or clothing?

We will offer items such as hats, gloves, socks, buffs, and goggles for purchase at our store. As for snow gear, we do not have any ski jackets or snow pants available for rent or purchase at our shop, but our partner Winter Wear Rentals can set you up with coats, pants, and bibs for your time on the mountain!

Do you rent helmets?

Discounted helmet rentals are an option when reserving a ski or snowboard package. Helmet-only rentals, or helmets added on after a reservation is placed, are available on a first come first served basis, and are not eligible for any discounts.

What brands do you carry?

Our bindings are Tyrolia and all other equipment is Head.

What comes in a full package rental?

For a ski package you can expect a pair of skis, bindings, boots, and poles.
Snowboard packages come with a snowboard, boots, and bindings.
Helmets are available for an additional fee.

What discounts do you offer?

You can see our latest discounts HERE!

What if I damage the equipment?

Our rentals have the option of damage insurance that covers any repairable damage to skis or boots. It does not cover loss or theft. If you choose not to carry this coverage you will opt out at the time of rental and you will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment. As a renter, you will be required to sign a liability waiver and you have the choice of opting into the damage insurance upon checkout at the shop the first day of your rental.

What if I want to take a day off from skiing midweek?

Your rental package will operate similarly to a car rental, and you will be charged for any days it is in your possession. If you wish to return your rental package early, it will be subject to our cancellation policy which requires 24 hours notice of cancellation. If you turn in your gear early within the 24 hour period of the next day of your rental, you will not be refunded. Rentals must be in before 9:00 AM to avoid charges for the next day of rental.

Getting Your Gear

Can I pick up my kids rental for them?

A huge part of ensuring everyone’s safety on the mountain is getting an accurate boot fitting and ski/board size for the rider(s), this is why we require all riders to be present when picking up gear. This can help avoid injuries and keep everyone comfortable for a day on the mountain.

Can I return my gear early?

Yes! If you’re calling your vacation a day early due to weather or something similar, you can return your gear early. However, you will only be refunded for the days 24+ hours out. Similarly if you need to extend your rental we are happy to accommodate, please notify us as early as possible. Rentals must be in before 9:00 AM to avoid charges for the next day of rental.

Can my spouse or friend pick up my rental for me?

Like most outdoor activities skiing and snowboarding come with inherent risks, some of which are associated with binding releases. Because of these risks anyone over the age of 18 needs to be present to sign a liability waiver prior to equipment being released. Equipment will only be released to the party it was fitted for.

Do I need to be present to rent equipment for my child?

Minors under the age of 18 will need a guardian over 18 years old with them to sign a liability waiver on their behalf. If your child will be traveling without you, you may fill out their waiver ahead of time. Please reach out to Breckenridge Ski & Sport if this is the case.

When can I pick up my rental?

Your rental can be picked up as early as the day before your first day on the mountain at 3:00 PM. Any rentals picked up prior to 3:00 PM will be charged for the date they are being picked up.

Rentals can be returned as late as the day following your last day on the mountain at 9:00 AM. Any rental returned after 9:00 AM will be charged for the date of drop off.

What if I don’t like the equipment I rent?

We are happy to exchange your gear for different sizes at our Breckenridge location at any time during your rental contract. If you’d like to upgrade to a higher performance package we’ll be happy to help as well.

Renting Equipment

Can I bring my own boots?

Yes! A comfortable boot is the foundation for a great day on the mountain, and we applaud you for having made that investment. Please be sure to bring your personal boot with you at the time of equipment pick-up; our tech will need to adjust your bindings to your specific boot.

Can you adjust the bindings on my personal skis to a pair of boots that I rent?

If you are renting boots to pair with your personal skis, please be sure to bring your skis so that we can make any necessary changes to your bindings and verify your skis. Your skis must be manufactured by a brand that the Breckenridge Ski & Sport techs are certified to work on (i.e. Tyrolia, Soloman, and Look). The bindings must also be indemnified by the manufacturer.

How do I choose a ski or board length?

Our techs will make length recommendations based on your height, weight, and Skier Type. Current ski models are typically designed to be between shoulder and forehead height for their rider. Snowboards are typically recommended at shoulder to nose height. Your personal preference and rider goals will also be taken into account when we make length recommendations.

How is a ski boot supposed to fit?

Skiers have notoriously uncomfortable footwear in the sports world, but here are a few things our techs will pay attention to so that you get the best fit. If you’re wearing an appropriate sock the boot should initially feel too small as your foot slides to the front and crams your toes a bit. Once your shin is buckled you should get some relief on your toes. Only when you’re standing and leaning forward (see the skier emoji!) should your toes have comfortable wiggle-room.
Even with a boot that initially fits in shop, you may still experience discomfort on the mountain. We know how frustrating that can be, and are happy to exchange your boots at our Breckenridge location for an adjusted fit. Remember to not leave your boots in the cold overnight. This creates a rigid boot the morning you are trying to get out on the slopes and could make the first few hours on your skis uncomfortable.

What do I need to rent an alpine ski or snowboard package?

Your alpine package will come with all the basic equipment you need to get started on the mountain. We recommend you bring the pair of socks you intend on wearing on the slopes so that we can best fit your boots. Don’t have winter sport socks? Don’t stress, we have them available for purchase in-store!

What is my snowboard stance?

Your snowboard will be set up with either your left or right foot leading, and the angle of your toes can vary. If you know which foot you lead with you can let the tech know whether you are “Regular” or “Goofy” (left or right foot forward). If you are unsure which foot you’d like to lead with have a friend push you slightly and see which foot you catch yourself with.

What is “Skier Type”?

Skier Type helps a rental technician best understand how you prefer to spend your time on the mountain and set your bindings accordingly. It is your responsibility to determine your skier type. Skier Type is broken into 3 main classifications and each are described below. If you have a preferred binding setting or have been dissatisfied with your release in the past please talk to a rental technician about Type -1 and Type 3+ selections.

A type 1 skier prefers skiing cautiously and at slower speeds. This skier is most comfortable on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch. As a type 1 skier you prefer lower than average release/retention settings so in the case of a fall your bindings are more likely to release. A type 1 skier is an entry level skier uncertain about their classification.

A type 2 skier prefers a variety of speeds. A type 2 skier will ski on varied terrains and explores different parts of the mountain. If a skier cannot decide that they are a 1 or 3 they are a 2. A type 2 Skier prefers average release/retention settings appropriate for most recreational skiing.

A type 3 skier prefers faster speeds. A type 3 skier likes going fast and skis aggressive on slopes of moderate to steep pitch. Type 3 skiers prefer higher than average release/retention settings. As a type 3 skier they prefer decreased releasability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release.

Why do I need to rent a Ski or Snowboard package?

Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve got a whole quiver of planks at home renting equipment can be a great option. Renting allows novices the opportunity to enjoy riding at a fraction of the cost of buying, and for the most experienced riders renting allows you to travel hassle-free while also allowing you to try out the latest and greatest equipment available on the market.

Why do you need my height and weight? Does accuracy matter?

As a skier your height and weight will be used in combination with your Skier Type to determine your correct binding release, or DIN setting. If your height and weight listed on your rental form are inaccurate you may increase your risk of injury associated with an incorrect binding release.
As a snowboarder this information is just intended for our team to help better select a board comfortable to your specific rider profile, but is not required for binding settings. Knowing your preferred stance is helpful, but our techs are happy to help you determine your stance if it is unknown.

Planning Your Trip

Can I buy a discount lift ticket at your location?

We do not sell any lift tickets at our rental shop. If you’d like to purchase tickets to Breckenridge or Keystone you’ll find the cheapest options at, or if you are going to a different location you may find deals at

Should I take lessons?

If you’ve never skied or snowboarded taking lessons will minimize the amount of time you spend struggling on the mountain, and will often reduce your risk of injury. Learning from a professional will give you a stronger foundation to continue building on for vacations to come.

Where can I find mountain conditions?

On The Snow is our go-to for state-wide conditions, however, most mountains publish conditions on their specific websites as well.