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Beginner Snowboard Rentals

Beginner snowboarder on the mountain

Excited to pick up a new sport?

Learning to snowboard is a rewarding experience any point in time. At Breckenridge Ski & Sport, we’re fully stocked with top-notch gear for beginners, and our skilled team will equip you with a forgiving and beginner-friendly snowboard setup with our Performance HEAD Snowboards. Our team will ensure everything fits snugly, help you find any necessary accessories, and send you onto the best beginner terrain in Breckenridge. In no time, you’ll find yourself mastering 360s and weaving through the trees!

Our knowledgeable team at Breckenridge Ski & Sport is here to address all your questions about selecting the perfect beginner rental. For instance, we’ll explain how a softer, more flexible board is typically easier for beginners to control and maneuver, and how opting for a slightly shorter board provides greater command over turns. Furthermore, we’ll guide you through the process of configuring your board for optimal control and ensuring your boots and bindings fit like a glove, so your mountain day is both enjoyable and comfortable!

What Snowboards are Best for Beginners?

Finding the perfect snowboard for you not as simple as it may seem. As your experience grows, you’ll discover your preferences in terms of length, width, camber, and more. While you’re in the process of experimenting with various snowboards, exploring different snow conditions, and getting comfortable on the mountain, our HEAD Performance Snowboard Package will provide the confidence you need to conquer the slopes in style!

Breckenridge Ski & Sport boasts a diverse fleet of beginner snowboards, perfect for acquainting yourself with the slopes in Breckenridge. Whether it’s your child’s first time on a board, you’re a skiing enthusiast venturing into snowboarding, or you’re embarking on a new hobby, we have boards of all sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Our exclusive HEAD fleet mirrors the brand trusted by many U.S. Olympic athletes, guaranteeing top-notch quality even for beginners.

If you need help with snowboard and boot sizing, learn more here.

Our Beginner Snowboard Packages Include: Board and boots. Helmet also available for add-on.


intermediate snowboard rentals breckenridge co

HEAD Performance & Youth Snowboard Packages

What Beginner Terrain can you find in Breckenridge?

Breckenridge Ski Resort provides lessons and offers beginner-friendly terrain for those new to snowboarding.

The resort boasts multiple dedicated beginner zones, such as the Quicksilver Super6 chairlift,  with a gentle slope ideal for novices. At the Peak 9 base area, you’ll also find a beginner terrain park equipped with small features perfect for honing your turns and building confidence.

For those seeking instruction, Breckenridge Ski Resort offers an array of choices. The Ski & Snowboard School provides both group and private lessons tailored to adults and children. Group lessons foster a social learning environment, allowing beginners to connect with others on the same journey, while private lessons offer personalized attention and one-on-one guidance. For young riders aged 3-14, the resort offers a Kids Ski Free program, enabling them to ski for free when an adult multi-day lift ticket is purchased.

With a supportive team of seasoned instructors, beginners can feel confident and comfortable on their snowboarding journey, while having fun on the mountain!


intermediate snowboard rentals breckenridge co

HEAD Performance & Youth Snowboards