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Top Rental Shops for Ski Gear in Breckenridge, CO

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When it comes to renting ski and snowboard gear in Breckenridge, Colorado, there is no lack of options. However, all rental shops are not created equal. Depending on what you are looking for, we can recommend a gear rental shop for you. From location, to types of skis, everyone needs something different when they are renting gear for their winter vacation. What is most important, is that your enjoy your time on the mountains and get the right rentals for you!

Best Option if you need Transportation:

Breckenridge Ski and Sport

Breckenridge Ski & Sport offers free transportation to the mountains after you grab your skis from the shop. If you want to hear back to your lodge, they will take you there too.

Breckenridge Ski and Sport Transportation

One of the best things about Breckenridge is that you don’t need a car, or to worry about parking, or driving in the snow, and that is why Breck Ski & Sport offers free transportation with your rental.

Newest fleet: Another great reason to choose Breck Ski & Sport is that they have the newest ski and snowboard fleet in Breckenridge this year.

Location: 116 Huron Road. You can stop by Breck Ski & Sport on your way into town by taking the first left right before the round-about. Don’t mess with main street traffic and get in and out, so your vacation doesn’t get slowed down.

Best Option if you are looking to try skis before you buy:

Alpine Sports

If you are looking to try the top trending skis in the ski world, then Alpine Sports is the place for you. They let your demo fee go towards your final purchase if you decide to buy them.

They have options like Rossignol skis and Salomon skis, so if those are the skis you are looking for then you have found the right place!

Location: 435 North Park Ave. Alpine sports has two locations in Breckenridge. The location on Park has more of their high performance and top trending skis.

Best Option for ski delivery:

Charter Sports

Charter Sports will come straight to your lodging and get your skis and boots fitted and ready to go for you. If you are looking for a premium delivery ski service, then Charter Sports is a great option for you. All you have to do is schedule the time you want them to arrive, get your skis and then you are free to hit the mountain as you please.

If you would rather go into their shop, they do full service there as well!

Location: 42 Snowflake Drive. You can visit their Blue Sky shop and hop right on the Snowflake lift that will take you between Peak 8 and Peak 9 on the Breckenridge mountains.

Best Option for on the mountain rental:

Breck Sports Peak 8

If you aren’t interested in transportation and looking for a very convenient option, then grabbing your skis right at the base of the mountains is the perfect option for you. Once you are fitted, you will walk right onto the lift. If you have any problems with your rentals, then you will be able to get them serviced right at the base of the mountain!

Location: 1595 Ski Hill Rd. If you are staying on the mountain then this is a great location and rental shop for you. You won’t have to go into town to get your skis and can just grab them right before you hop on the lift.

Best Option for a main street rental:

Main Street Sports

If you are staying or spending a lot of time on Main Street in Breckenridge then you can conveniently walk right into Main Street Sports and grab your rentals get fitted right there. You can always walk over to the Gondola from there and be on the mountain in minutes.

Location: 411 Main Street. Chances are that if you are going to Breckenridge you will find yourself on Main Street, so you won’t have to make an extra trip to grab your skis.

With plenty of options for ski and snowboard rentals in Breckenridge, the hardest decision is finding the right place for you! No matter what you are looking for, chances are one of the shops has you covered. Enjoy your vacation on the mountain and making memories that will surely last a lifetime!