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5 Things First Time Skiers Should Know Before Skiing at Breckenridge Mountain

Breckenridge Ski & Sport > Breckenridge Mountain Blog > Breckenridge > 5 Things First Time Skiers Should Know Before Skiing at Breckenridge Mountain

If you’re heading to Breckenridge, Colorado for the first time this winter, you’re in for a treat. The blankets of snow that cover this Rocky Mountain town turn Breckenridge into a picturesque winter wonderland. Pairing that with some world class ski slopes makes this area of Colorado a popular destination over the winter season every year. Here are some first-timer tips to keep in mind while planning your ski trip to Breckenridge.

Plan the Peak You Want to Ski

Photo by Mike Quaintance

Breckenridge Ski Resort is a perfect landing spot for skiers of all abilities. The resort is laid out over five peaks in the Ten-mile Range of the Colorado Rockies, and is also home to the highest ski lift in North America – Imperial Express SuperChair at the top of Peak 8. Since we’re directing this post towards the more novice skier, here are the places you want to be on the mountain.

Peak 9 – Quicksilver Lift

This is arguably the best lift to do laps on for first timers. If you’re booking a lesson with ski school, the likelihood of you ending at the base of Peak 9 is high. Quicksilver Lift has two different load zones, fits six people to a chair, and has a handful of Green runs surrounding it.

FUN FACT: Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable on these runs, be sure to check out Ripperoo’s Forest and the Haunted Forest on either side of the Quicksilver Lift. These family friendly green runs through the trees have a few fun structures to zip over and around.

Green Runs on Peak 9

  • Silverthorne
  • Red Rover
  • Frontier
  • Lower Lehman

Peak 8 – Rip’s Ride

If you’re wanting to hang at the main base of the Breckenridge resort, Peak 8 has a welcoming lift for beginner riders with a few shorter Green runs, then you can head to Ski Hill Grill or the T-Bar for a snack.

Peak 8 – 5 Chair

This chair is more common for those trying to hit some rounds on the terrain park. Definitely check out this old school two-seater lift to get a little higher up in elevation on Peak 8.

Green Runs on Peak 8

  • Springmeier
  • Twister
  • Dyersville
  • Trygve’s

Book a Ski Lesson

Breckenridge Ski Resort’s top-tier instructors can help diminish those first-time jitters on the slopes. Whether it’s your 4 year old son or 65 year old mother trying to decipher the difference between “french fries” and “pizza” on a pair of skis, there are options at Breckenridge for all ages and experience levels. Check out their web-page here that outlines all lessons offered.

Park at the North or South Gondola Lot in Town

If you’ve never worn ski boots, we guarantee you won’t want to walk on cement too far in them. Boots can get uncomfortable when you have to travel far off of the snow, so utilizing the gondola lots in Colorado can make your ski day much smoother. The day rate isn’t too bad at the North and South Gondola lots in Breckenridge, and you can hop right onto the gondola and end up at the base of Peak 7 or Peak 8 in just a few minutes.

Don’t Rent Your Gear Slope-side

If you are planning to rent your ski gear right at the base of the mountain, expect to pay more and also have equipment with a bit more wear and tear. There’s a multitude of equipment rental shops across the town of Breckenridge, but listen to these pros of renting from Breckenridge Ski & Sport.

Wear Your Helmet

It may not be the most glamorous, but it can save your life. Helmets should be at the top of your gear priority list especially if you’re a first time skier or snowboarding. You can expect to end up on your bum a few (generous estimate there) times while cruising the slopes. Protect that head of yours with a brain bucket!

Secure the rental gear for your winter ski trip with Breckenridge Ski & Sport! The sooner you book, the better price you’ll get on your equipment. Check out these deals on our ski rental packages.

See you on the slopes!