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The Best Way to Get Around Breckenridge Without a Rental Car

Breckenridge Ski & Sport > Breckenridge Mountain Blog > Bike Rental > The Best Way to Get Around Breckenridge Without a Rental Car

Breckenridge is a former mining town located South of Interstate 70 on State Highway 9 that is plenty accessible for guests who are visiting during the summer and winter months. Through this blog, we will be discussing some of the most unique ways to traverse Breckenridge.

Breckenridge gondola

Summer in Breckenridge

During late spring and early summer, the weather is just spectacular around the Breckenridge area. The fastest and most efficient way to traverse Breckenridge is by rentals from Breckenridge Ski and Sport with their E-bike and mountain bikes. With countless trails spread through the Breckenridge area providing you access to the fantastic restaurants located within the main strip of Breckenridge. These rentals can be made for ½ day rentals starting at 8am-1200PM or the full day from 8am-4:00pm.

There are numerous hiking routes that are sure to bring you to walk around town and the surrounding areas, one of my personal favorite hikes around Breckenridge is the B&B trailhead located near the bustling Country Boy Mine, one of the most profitable mines within Summit County. On this hike, it takes you up to a large mining machine, the dredge which takes gravel off the surface of streams and rivers sifting through to find gold.

Another way around town would be local transportation, the town has a route in which they can help you get from point A to point B, check for further details and schedules. If you are visiting Breckenridge from out of town, flying into Eagle County Airport or Denver International Airport with a shared or a custom private service for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family and so much more with Peak 1 Express.

Breckenridge Mountain with snow in the winter

Winter In Breckenridge

During the winter months there are unique ways that you can traverse the Breckenridge area, so why not travel back to a time when vehicles do not exist. This can be possible with Dog Sledding teams, with the potential for sleigh rides through town. This allows you to enjoy the fruits of what Breckenridge has to offer. You can also traverse the area with snowmobiles, allowing you to reach the most remote places during the snow season. You can also rent out skis and snowboards that allow you to shred the slopes for a full day’s workout. If hiking is your forte, during the winter months Breckenridge provides hikes that are sure to provide an adventure with snowshoeing around the Breckenridge some of the top places to snowshoe are Summit County’s Groomed Rec Path, South Illinois Creek Trail, Indiana Gulch trail, and the French Gulch Trail.

Breckenridge provides numerous amounts of transportation throughout the year allowing you to see the historic town in a new perspective, allowing you to spend the time of your life with the people that you love dearly, cherishing every moment. For mountain biking, skiing, and snowboard rentals contact Breckenridge Ski and Sport via Phone at 970-368-4540 or through the chat.


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