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Why Fall is our Favorite Time for Biking in Breckenridge

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Colorado is well known for the extreme mountain ranges stretched throughout the state in long and dashing lines. Little less known is the fact that Colorado is the biking capital of the Unites States. Having a slew of starter trails, to the extreme white-knuckle adventure that is known as the Palisade Plunge.  Yet from all the choices presented I find myself always loading my bike up and heading back to Breckenridge. The sights alone tugging me back to experience the joy of biking through the Colorado trails. Timing is everything, and the fall is the most ideal time to hit the dirt and get riding! Colorado is splashed in fall colors and the best place to see the leaves change is from the trail. 

Trail Accessibility

downhill mountain biking in breckenridge

A great boon for starting your fall adventure in Breckenridge is the sheer accessibility offered to the biking enthusiast. Many trails can be reached from town and Breckenridge Ski and Sport provides a shuttle up Baldy Mountain for anyone looking to travel the Boreas Pass, allowing easy access to the casual and hardcore alike. For the moderate riders, I highly recommend the Blair Witch trailhead located near the Breckenridge golf course. Twists and turns will take you through this circler journey, with just enough challenge to keep the adrenaline pumping! Looking for more advanced trails? Breckenridge has you covered in multiple 8 mile + trails ranging from moderate to difficult, perfect for those wanting to see the more extreme side of Colorado. No matter what level of biker you are, Breckenridge has many trail options for testing and pushing yourself to the next level. 

Fall Foliage

aspen alley in the fall

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Biking during the fall in Colorado comes with its own special form of magic that can’t be understated. Pushing yourself up a steep incline, only to pause at the top for a breath accompanied by the sight of tree’s changing color. Browns, golds and ambers waving gently in the cool breeze mixed with the blue backdrop of the Colorado Rockies competes for your attention against the next bend of the trail. Colorado air has a fresh and crisp taste during the fall that will refresh you at any stage during your ride. Not only will the trail keep you cool but it rewards you with a gorgeous view that can’t be seen anywhere else.  

Cozy Town Atmosphere

breckenridge in the fall

Photo Courtesy of Paragon Lodging

After the long and winding trail, it is time to reward yourself and no better place to do this than Breckenridge! Fall brings many events and activities to this small Colorado town. Known for its many fine restaurants and pubs, Breckenridge has something to offer every hungry and thirsty cyclist. It is very easy to get lost in all the shops and gift shacks strewn throughout the town insuring you have that perfect gift to bring home to your loved one. Damaged done to your bike can be handled at the many repair shops located in town, giving you an opportunity to try some local dining. Fall is the best time to appreciate the beauty of Colorado during your trails!