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How to Determine Your Skier Type and Where to Ski When Visiting Breckenridge Ski Resort

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Selecting the skier type that most closely fits you in expertise and body type is crucial when planning safe and fun skiing trips.  It has an enormous impact on the way your bindings are calibrated for your skis.  Skier type is as important to technicians as information like weight and height, all of which is significant in the proper set up your ski’s bindings.  However, the decision you makes as to which type of skier you are is completely up to you. It is at your discretion what skier type you are and the qualified ski technicians will set your bindings accordingly to what you tell them.  Just be sure to provide information that is as accurate as possible because inaccurate information can result in serious injury.  Determining what skier you are is of great importance to when planning your next skiing trip to Breckenridge.

Below are a few of the details of each skier type as well as deeper description to help you find out which you skier type you are.

What is a Type 1 Skier?

If you’ve only dabbled in skiing, then you’re most likely a Type 1 skier.  Entry-level skiiers that enjoy small to moderate pitches and more smooth, green slopes should classify themselves at Type 1.  Skiers of this type also prefer lower than average release or retention options, and this is because in the event of a fall the bindings are less likely to lock up and more likely to release.

What is a Type 2 Skier?

Type 2 skier settings are perfect for those accustomed to recreational skiing.  They are a large range of speeds available to Type 2 skiers and they often prefer terrains which vary between gentle slopes and steeper pitches.  This type of skier is also able to explore more advanced areas of the mountain.  If you generally prefer average to moderate release (retention) settings since they are more prepared to take impacts, this is the type of skier you should chose.

What is a Type 3 Skier?

Type 3 skiers are interested in one thing on the slopes, and it’s not the relaxing view.  The correct answer is speed.  The settings of the Type 3 skier are adapted specifically to aggressive slopes with steep pitches.  The Type 3 skier has a greater than average release (retention) settings and actually prefer the skis lowered ability to release into order to prevent any inadvertent binding releases.

Skier Type Colorado

Best Peaks On Breckenridge for Beginners and Advanced Skiers

Breckenridge has nearly 3,000 acres of skiable terrain… so where should you go?


Breckenridge Ski Resort for Novice Skiers

Base of Peak 8

At the top of the gondola, Peak 8 pairs a fantastic T-Bar and plenty of apres ski options along with green and blue runs to accomodate a wider variety of skiers.  Check out Rip’s Ride and skier’s left off of 5 Chair for some easy turns.

Base of Peak 9

The magic carpet and QuickSilver lift at the base of Peak 9 near Beaver Run make for plenty of options for novice skiers at Breckenridge Resort.  Once you’re feeling comfortable, be sure to take the kids through Riperoo’s Forest or the Haunted Forest, both located off of the QuickSilver Super Chair.

Breckenridge Ski Resort for Intermediate to Advanced Skiers

Breckenridge attracts a wide variety of skill levels and has great options for every type of skier and snowboarder.  For intermediate riders, you can start making your way up higher on Peak 8 and Peak 9, and Peak 7 and Independence SuperChair is a hotspot for blue runs.

Advanced riders, prepare for the best runs off of 6 Chair and Imperial Express SuperChair at the top of Peak 8.  Peak 10 has a wide variety of black and double black diamonds, but can get icy by midday.  It’s best to hit Peak 10 in the morning then make your way over to the highest runs on Peak 6, Peak 7, and Peak 8.  Be cautious of low visibility days up there because you are above the treeline during the majority of those runs.

Ski Breckenridge Colorado

If you’re planning on skiing this season at Breckenridge Ski Resort or any of the wonderful ski areas the Colorado Rockies have to offer, please take deliberate caution to make sure your skier type is chosen correctly to the best of your abilities.  Safety this year isn’t just about masks, social distancing and washing your hands.  Be educated when choosing your skier type, rent top notch gear from Breckenridge Ski & Sport, and enjoy your time on the slopes this winter!