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How to Choose the Best Ski or Snowboard Rental Package for Every Level

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The thrill of carving fresh powder, the exhilarating speed down a mountainside, the crisp air filling your lungs – there’s nothing quite like a winter adventure on skis or a snowboard. But before you hit the slopes at Breckenridge, choosing the right equipment is crucial. This blog is your guide to navigating the exciting world of ski and snowboard rentals, helping you select the perfect package for your skill level.

Step 1: Assessing Your Abilities

Honesty is key! Be realistic about your experience level. Are you a complete newbie tackling your first bunny hill, a confident intermediate cruising blue runs, or an aspiring expert yearning for black diamond challenges? Here’s a breakdown:

Snowboarding trails in Copper Mountain

Beginner: You’ve never skied or snowboarded before, or may have had one or two very brief experiences. You’re still getting comfortable with balance, turning, and stopping.

Intermediate: You can confidently control your speed and direction on gentle to moderate slopes. You can link turns and navigate small hills without difficulty.

Advanced/Expert: You’re comfortable on all terrain, including steeper slopes and moguls. You’re looking for high-performance equipment to push your limits and carve aggressive turns.

Ski or Snowboard Package Breakdown

Our beginner, intermediate, and demo packages all include boots and poles in addition to your ski or snowboard. Boots should fit comfortably, offering good support without restricting movement. We will help you fit your boots and bindings, prioritizing ease of use and comfort. Read more about finding your perfect boot fit.

We additionally offer and recommend a helmet for increased protection during your day on the slopes.

woman holding skis behind her head

Beginner Tips and Packages:

  • Focus on comfort: Don’t underestimate the importance of comfortable boots. Beginners spend a lot of time in their boots, so choose a pair that fits snugly without pinching or feeling restrictive.
  • Embrace wider skis/snowboards: Wider equipment provides more stability and makes turning easier, helping you build confidence on the slopes.
  • Don’t worry about speed: Longer, narrower skis may seem appealing, but they’re harder to control for beginners. Stick to shorter, wider options for better control and safety.
  • Consider lessons: Breckenridge Resort offers a variety of lesson experiences for both kids and adults.

goggles hanging on skis

Sport Skis: Our beginner packages include sport skis from HEAD. These slightly wider, shorter skis offer rockered profiles for easier turning and stability.

Performance Snowboard: Wider performance boards with softer flex, providing forgiveness and control at slower speeds.

Intermediate Tips and Packages:

  • Experiment with different flexes: As you progress, explore skis/snowboards with slightly stiffer flexes for better edge control and responsiveness.
  • Think about terrain: Are you primarily riding groomers or venturing into moguls and off-piste areas? Choosing equipment specific to your preferred terrain can significantly improve your experience.
  • Ask about edge tuning: Freshly tuned edges provide better grip and prevent slipping, especially on steeper slopes. Consider getting your rentals professionally tuned for enhanced performance.
  • Upgrade if needed: If you feel your rental equipment is limiting your progress, consider upgrading to a demo package for better control and responsiveness.

man skiing at Vail, CO

Performance Skis: Our performance skis from HEAD are slightly narrower and longer skis with a stiffer flex for better edge control and responsiveness.

Performance Snowboard: Our performance boards are the same for our beginner and intermediate packages, but still provide optimum control and flexibility for both levels of riders.

Advanced/Demo Tips and Packages:

This premium option allows you to test top-of-the-line skis or snowboards for a day or more. Perfect for experienced riders seeking the latest technology and ultimate performance.

  • Embrace customization: This is where fine-tuning matters. Discuss your riding style and specific needs with the staff to ensure your rentals are perfectly dialed in.
  • Demo the latest technology: Take advantage of demo packages to test out high-performance skis/snowboards and see what feels best for your aggressive riding style.
  • Don’t neglect safety: While pushing your limits, remember safety first. Ensure your bindings are properly adjusted and consider wearing protective gear beyond a helmet, such as wrist guards and impact shorts.
  • Communicate clearly: Be specific about your riding style, preferred terrain, and any past injuries to ensure the staff recommends the most suitable equipment for your advanced riding.
  • Performance Tuning: If you are using your own equipment, be sure to get your skis or snowboard professionally tuned for optimal edge hold and glide.

skier off jump

Demo Snowboard: Demo boards from Solomon or Ride are directional or freestyle boards based on your riding style, with a stiff flex for aggressive maneuvers.

Demo Skis: Our demo skis from Solomon, Rossignol, or HEAD include options perfect for tackling all mountain terrain to crushing terrain park challenges. We’ll walk you through the ideal match for you and your specific interests.

person going off ski jump

Remember, the best rental experience starts with clear communication. Be upfront about your experience, desired riding style, and any concerns you have. Our shop staff is there to guide you and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time on the slopes. And don’t hesitate to ask questions!

The more you understand about the equipment and your individual needs, the better equipped you’ll be to make an informed decision. And if you’ve got kids in your crew, learn more about our kids ski and snowboard rentals, as well as tips for navigating the slopes with kids.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to conquering the slopes. No matter what level you are at, get ready to experience the thrill of skiing or riding Breckenridge or another exciting Summit County resort.