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How to Spend Multiple Days on a Bike in Breckenridge, Colorado this Summer

Breckenridge Ski & Sport > Breckenridge Mountain Blog > Bike Rental > How to Spend Multiple Days on a Bike in Breckenridge, Colorado this Summer

Spending multiple days on a bike can be intimidating and exhausting. Read below to learn how to choose the right bike for your trip, how to prepare, what to bring, and where Happy Hour is bumping in Breckenridge.

Renting Bikes in Breckenridge

If you are staying in or around Breckenridge, this would be a great place to start your multi-day bike adventure. Breckenridge Ski & Sport is now offering E-Bike and Mountain bike rentals that start as low as $19.50/day!

Take the Gravel Bike over various terrains! The Diamondback Haanjo bike is built with wider tires and lower gears, so you can go off-roading whenever your heart desires. There are different styles of Gravel Bikes. Some are made for speed on the roads and others are like off-roading mountain bikes. This would be the perfect option for someone who would want to spend a day at the Keystone Bike Park.

The Mountain Hardtail is a great mountain bike to start out on if you are new to biking. This bike is wonderful for first timers because they are low maintenance and adjust to your skill level. Take the Diamondback Lux 27 off-roading to Baldy Mountain / Boreas Pass in Breckenridge!

The Comfort Bike is just as it sounds – comfortable! They are designed for shorter distances on paved roads, and flat paved bike paths. Take this bike downtown Breckenridge with your friends/family to visit the shops. The one in stock at our Breckenridge Ski & Sport shop is the IZIP Alki 2 ST. Take this bike downtown Breckenridge to take in the view and visit the local shops.

The Leisure E-Bike is the new green way to travel! These bicycles are battery-powered and assist you with pedaling so you are not exerting as much energy as a traditional bike. This will make it easier for you to go uphill and on dirt/gravel roads. There are a wide variety designs but the one offered at Breckenridge Ski & Sport is the IZIP VIBE 2.0 Step Thru. E-Bikes are not allowed on all trails so make sure you check here for an update on where you can and cannot ride.

Red iZip Bike with no background                                            yellow Kids Diamondback Division 24 bike with no background

How to Prepare

  1. Train, train, and train some more! You may feel like biking is no big deal and you can hop on and ride for as long as you would like. You might be able to on an E-Bike, but not any of the others. You will want to start off doing shorter trips and short breaks in between so you can keep going. If you break for too long your body will have to “warm up” again when you hope back on your bike. To prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated and hungry eat and drink a small amount on your breaks. Century Cycle recommends to “drink before you’re thirsty; eat before you’re hungry.”
  2. Choose the right bike. Now that you are aware of the different types of bicycles to choose from and their uses, test a few out at your local bike shop so you are comfortable and prepared for your trip.
  3. Find the right transportation to Breckenridge. If you’re visiting Breck for a short vacation or holiday, then consider taking a mountain shuttle like Peak 1 Express who can stop by the shop for you to pick up your bikes. You can also rent a passenger van with a bike rack. MileMarker Van Rentals is conveniently located near Denver International Airport and the can even load your bike rentals and bike rack for you before you arrive.
  4. Bike Maintenance:

Do your own maintenance or take your bike to Carvers Ski + Bike shop in Breckenridge!

  1. Check your tires frequently and keep them aired up!
  2. Keep lubricant with you for the chain and sprockets.
  3. Before each ride check the nuts and bolts! Make sure they are not loose or too tight!
  4. Check your brakes and brake pads!
  5. Learn how to fix a flat – If you need a quick fix on the road check here to learn how!
  1. Be cautious! Wear bright colors such as yellow or orange so it is easier for drivers to see you. This is especially helpful during inclement weather when drivers already have a difficult enough time seeing the roads. It might be in your best interest to attach a taillight or brake light as well so night-time drivers can see you as well.
  2. Be courteous! Cyclists are typically kind and empathetic towards other cyclists. If you see someone in need of assistance, try to lend a helping hand. That could be you one day! You could end up making a new cycling buddy or gain insight on their favorite places to ride as well.
  3. Document where you traveled and your favorite trails so if you do encounter other cyclists, you can share your experiences.

person riding on mountain bike in forest during foggy day

What to Bring

☐ Water bottles

☐ Energy powered snacks

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Sunglasses

☐ Backpack

☐ Bike lock

☐ Patch kit (See above for link!)

☐ First aid kit

☐ Emergency contact information

☐ Notepad or Journal to document your adventure

☐ Camera/go pro

This is a short list of essentials. To see a more detailed list, click here!

black and gray road bike near trees at daytime

Happy Hour in Breckenridge!

If you are looking for a fantastic burger Aurum Food & Wine is well known for their French Onion Burger. Between 4-6 PM you can take advantaged of their half-priced apps, half-priced wine, $3 draft beers and $7 cocktails!

If that was not an amazing deal this one will blow you out of the water. Modis has two happy hours from 3-6 PM and 10-Midnight, daily! To make this deal even sweeter there is a wonderful story behind the name. According to the Best of Breckenridge the name was born when the owners son kept saying “Mo dis” when he wanted more food. This is a great option for you late cyclers!

Ember is a wonderful option off Adam’s avenue. This is a great option for those who are gluten-free and do not want to be limited to 3 items on the menu. Another amazing fact about this restaurant is they don’t have a happy hour; they have a Euphoric hour from 4-6 PM. Enjoy a broad selection of wines for $5/pour, and $5 appetizers.

This one is for you and your loved one. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner at Hearthstone. For the best views of the mountain ask for a seat upstairs. From 4-6 PM you can enjoy $5 small plates, $2.50 – $3.50 beers, $6 cocktails, and a $5 glass of wine.