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4 Classic Colorado Bike Paths You Should Try This Summer

Breckenridge Ski & Sport > Breckenridge Mountain Blog > Breckenridge > 4 Classic Colorado Bike Paths You Should Try This Summer

Biking has always been a classic summer pass time and what better way to explore Colorado’s beauty than on two wheels? Below we have compiled our favorite bike paths around the state. They vary in difficulty so no matter what skill level you are, there is a ride for you. All paths are dog-friendly as long as they are leashed.

1. Vail Pass Bike Path

The Vail Pass Bike Path is an extremely popular recreation path for cyclists and hikers. This path goes the entire distance of Vail Pass which is a 14 mile stretch of I-70. You can start your ride at the Gore Creek Campground which is right outside of Vail or at the Ten Mile Canyon Rec Path which is near Copper Mountain. The trail descends as it gets closer to Copper so starting on the Vail end is an easier ride. If you would like to make your ride a bit lengthier, hop on to the Ten Mile Canyon Rec Path once you get to Copper and ride into the town of Frisco.

gray asphalt road between brown grass field under white cloudy sky during daytime

2. Summit County Recpath

The Summit County Recpath is a multi-use path where you will find cyclists, runners, hikers, and dog walkers alike. The section of the path that is most traveled is from Breckenridge to Frisco along Lake Dillon. This ride is 17 miles round trip and is ideal for an E-Bike. The path descends going into Frisco making it a bit more challenging coming back to Breckenridge. We suggest starting your bike ride near the Rec Center in Breckenridge. You can find the trail just behind the building.

A group of three road bikers on the rec path in Frisco during the summer
Image Courtesy from the Town of Frisco

3. Mineral Belt Trail

The Mineral Belt Trail is an 11.6-mile multi-use trail located in Leadville, Colorado. It is recommended that you have acclimated to the elevation before attempting this trail. This trail sits at over 10,000 feet. About half of the trail is through Leadville’s historic mining district while the other sections offer wonderous views of the Sawatch and Mosquito mountain ranges. The Mineral Belt Trail has been nominated as one of the “top 10” mountain trails in Colorado and will soon be designated as a National Historic Trail.

4. Rio Grande Nature Trail

The Rio Grande Nature Trail is a 1.8-mile-long trail full of wildlife. Keep an eye out for waterfowls, songbirds, and Bald Eagles. Birds are not the only animals hanging around this trail. Elk, deer, and porcupines also frequent the area. Between the wildlife and views of Mount Blanca, this trail is hard to beat. This trail is pretty flat because of its location of being in a valley. This is a great option if you haven’t gotten on your bike in a while but still want awesome views of Colorado’s landscape and wildlife.

The Rio Grande river during the middle of the day in summer
Image Courtesy of Uncover Colorado