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Essential Accessories for your Biking Excursion

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Riding Breckenridge’s best trails or cruising through town with the wind in your hair is a unique Colorado experience. The rhythmic pedaling, the mountains unfolding before you, and the sense of accomplishment at the end of a ride are unparalleled. But like any adventure, cycling is best enjoyed when you’re fully prepared. From safety gear to convenience items, the right bike accessories can greatly enhance your journey, ensuring every ride is both safe and enjoyable. Here, we break down the top accessories every cyclist should have in their arsenal.

High-Quality Helmet:

    • Safety first! A durable helmet is a non-negotiable bike accessory. It protects against potential head injuries and reduces the impact should you have an unexpected fall. Ensure your helmet is certified, fits snugly, and has good ventilation. Today’s helmets are also quite stylish and lightweight, ensuring your ride isn’t bogged down with a bulky helmet.

girl biking wearing helmet

Protective Eyewear:

    • Whether it’s glaring sunlight or an unexpected bug, protective eyewear is crucial. UV-protected sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful rays and reduce glare, enhancing visibility. On trails, they also protect against flying debris. For those who ride in varying light conditions, consider glasses with interchangeable lenses.

woman wearing bike helmet and sporty sunglasses

Sunscreen & Lip Balm:

    • Even on cloudy days, UV rays can damage your skin. A water-resistant and sweat-proof sunscreen with high SPF will protect exposed skin areas. Don’t forget your lips! A UV-protectant lip balm can prevent painful chapping.

Cycling Gloves:

    • Long rides can be taxing on your hands due to vibrations and constant grip on the handlebars. Cycling gloves, with their padded palms, provide comfort, reduce the risk of blisters, and offer a better grip. In colder weather, they also provide much-needed warmth.

Hydration Pack/Water Bottle:

    • Staying hydrated is key. A water bottle fixed to your bike or a hydration pack on your back ensures you have easy access to water. For longer rides, hydration packs can carry more water and often include storage space for other essentials.

man sitting next to road bike

Portable Repair Kit:

    • Punctures and minor technical hitches can happen. A portable repair kit equipped with tire levers, patches, a multi-tool, and a mini pump can be a lifesaver. Knowing basic repair skills, like fixing a flat, can make your rides stress-free.

person working on bike tire repair

Weather-Appropriate Clothing:

    • The right clothing can significantly enhance your cycling experience. In summers, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric is ideal. For colder months, thermal layers, a windbreaker, or a raincoat are essential. And if you’re cycling in the night or early morning, reflective clothing ensures you remain visible to motorists.

man riding mountain bike

close-up on bike seat and basket

Lights and Reflectors:

    • If your excursion includes night rides or starts before dawn, front and rear lights are crucial. They help you see and, more importantly, be seen by others. Reflectors and reflective strips are added safety measures, making you more visible in low light.

Comfortable Saddle and Seat Cover:

    • Depending on the type of ride and your body shape, choosing the right saddle can make a world of difference. A comfortable seat ensures longer, pain-free rides. Seat covers with padding can also be added for extra comfort.

close-up on garmin computer on bike handlebars

Bike Computer or GPS Device:

    • For the tech-savvy cyclist or those keen on tracking their progress, a bike computer or GPS device is an invaluable tool. These devices can provide real-time data like speed, distance traveled, heart rate, and more. Some advanced models also offer navigation, helping riders chart their route and avoid getting lost. Whether you’re training for a race or just curious about your daily stats, these devices provide insights that can help enhance your cycling experience.

Offering a blend of comfort, safety, and functionality, the right bike accessories can elevate your Breckenridge biking experience, ensuring you get the most out of your mountain biking experience. Check out our rental options or read more about Breckenridge bike trails for every bike and rider. Then you are ready to gear up, hit the road, and enjoy the ride!