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Why You Should Try Out an E-Bike

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Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic or being squished between passengers on public transportation. Wouldn’t you rather check out new routes and spend time outside in a fun and sustainable way? E-Bikes allow you to get around quickly and comfortably, save on gas, and reduce your carbon footprint.

woman commuting on bike

E-bikes aren’t just for commuters either; there are many models that can hit some popular trails in the Colorado mountains, and with assistive peddling, you can conquer hills and turns with ease.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as to why electric bikes are rising in popularity! In this blog, we will discuss why E-Bikes are becoming the preferred way to get around Breckenridge for many locals and visitors alike.

e-bike handlebars

1.) Efficient and Eco-Friendly

E-Bikes are an eco-friendly transportation option and prove more efficient than walking. When walking around town, you maybe reach 2-4 mph versus the comfortable cruising speeds of 15-20 MPH on an E-Bike.

With this improved technology, you will reach your favorite restaurant, shop, or resort in an instant. They also produce zero emissions and can greatly reduce local air pollution when used as a primary source of transportation.

Additionally, they are extremely energy efficient, being able to go as far as 75 miles on a single charge, making them an obvious choice for the environmentally conscious commuter. Read more here about how Breckenridge serves as a blueprint for sustainability in mountain communities and how you can actively contribute to this goal!

view of sun through trees

2.) Cheaper than a Car

Not only is it environmentally conscious to try out an e-bike, but it’s also more economical. The average American uses 656 gallons (about 2483.23 L) of gas per year, and the average cost per gallon is currently $3.595, adding up to an average of $2,358 per year in just gas. That’s almost two times the cost of the average e-bike in gas alone!

gas station pricing sign

As far as maintenance goes to keep your e-bike running in tip-top shape, you likely won’t need to invest too much minus a yearly tune-up and the occasional battery replacement or tire change.

This makes an e-bike a great investment, and even if you aren’t sure which one you want to buy, renting one will give you the chance to try out multiple models before you commit.

3.) Health Boost

By switching out driving your car around town for an e-bike, you can help with lowering your bills, blood pressure, and cholesterol, as well as reduce your risk of stroke, and even boost your mental health! Getting outside for as little as 20–30 minutes each day can help lower cortisol levels, which in turn lowers your stress and anxiety.

man relaxing next to bike in park

4.) Increased Fun!

Riding your bike around is fun; riding a bike around that you can reach up to 20mph is even more fun! If you are just getting back into shape or have joint issues, E-Bikes can help make getting out even easier than a regular bike would, as they utilize electric pedal-assist technology to help you power up hills and make your energy last all day long!

Having the ability to go further or ride all day opens the door for even more opportunities to explore Summit County.

woman on bike

All in all, it’s clear that e-bikes are quickly rising in popularity as more people join the cycle craze. E-Bikes can attract anyone and everyone, whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, get in shape, save money, or just have some fun. So, grab your helmet and outdoor spirit, and let’s ride around beautiful Breckenridge!



Written by Madison McLeod, Contributing Member of the Sales and Marketing team

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist