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Our Favorite Gravel Rides Near Breckenridge

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Peak 9 Rd

Peak 9 Rd is a great bike route to discover Breckenridge Ski Resort during the summer. The trail starts on Lower Sawmill by the Beaver Run Resort. This gravel ride is quite challenging with a 3,730-foot elevation gain in 6.64 miles. The trail takes you up past The Overlook restaurant near the Beaver Run SuperChair. Peak 9 Rd ends near the summit of Peak 10. It is 6.64 one way or 13.28 miles round trip. A gravel bike is the perfect bike for this ride but you can also take a mountain bike on the trail. The Beaver Run Resort where the beginning of the trail is is only a two-minute drive from Main St!

A mountain bike on the top of a mountain in Breckenridge

Boreas Pass

Boreas Pass is a wonderful ride that will take you from Breckenridge to the Continental Divide with a 1,120-foot elevation gain. The trail has a nice grade of 3% to 6% on a fairly smooth road making it a manageable climb. There will be views of Breckenridge Ski Resort and the Continental Divide along the way. Boreas Pass is 12.4 miles out and back but you can turn around at any point. I recommend biking this trail during the week. The road is open to vehicles in the summer and can get pretty busy. You can get to the Boreas Pass parking lot by hopping on Moonstone Rd. and then turning left onto Boreas Pass Rd. Stay on the road until you see cars parked on the left side. If you would like to drive the whole way, you can do that too!

Boreas Pass in Breckenridge during sunset

Guanella Pass

Start in Georgetown and ascend on what used to be a burro trail. Guanella Pass climbs up to 11,67 feet and rewards you with spectacular views of Mt Bierstadt and Mt. Evans with plenty of viewpoints along the way. The total mileage of the trail is 22 miles. On your descent, you will be surrounded by breathtaking aspen and pine trees. If you complete the whole pass, you will find yourself in Grant, Colorado. We recommend doing this trail in the fall because the air will be crisp to keep you cool and the leaves will be full of color. The trailhead of Guanella Pass is 46 miles from Breckenridge via I-70 West.

Aerial shot of green and gold trees

Sallie Barber Trail

Sallie Barber is a 9.5-mile loop that is a town favorite. The trail has a manageable incline of 1,085 feet. You will be riding on gravel a gravel trail through the forest with Awesome views along the way. The Sallie Barber Trail used to be a mining road for the Sallie Barber Mill. The mine was one of Breckenridge’s longest-running mining operations. To learn more about Sallie Barber Mine, stop and check it out at the top of French Gulch. To get to the trailhead, French Gulch Rd, and drive until you see roads 567, 520, and 560. The parking lot will be on the right-hand side.

Father and Daughter hiking with backpacks on

Need a Bike?

Don’t have your own gravel bike? Breckenridge Ski and Sport has gravel bikes for rent. We have the Diamondback Haanjo which “defies definitions and exceeds expectations.” To book your bike, click here.