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Breckenridge’s Best Mountain Biking

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With a plethora of trails for all levels of riders, Breckenridge, Colorado is a great spot to pick up a mountain bike and hit the trails. Choose from a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike, grab your essential biking gear, and hit one of Breckenridge’s trails—all with stunning alpine views! 

man mountain biking dirt trail

Downhill Mountain Biking

More extreme riders or those seeking high adrenaline excitement will enjoy downhill riding. Originating with a focus on competition, this form of mountain biking usually takes place on steep tracks built into a downhill, with elements including jumps and drops. Bikers usually ride up to the top of the course with a chairlift and race downhill as fast as they can, navigating these features.   

For downhill riding, we recommend a full-suspension mountain bike, although hardtail mountain bikes can also be used. A full-suspension mountain bike offers both front and rear suspension, while a hardtail features only front suspension.  

Learn more about the difference between full-suspension, hardtail, and enduro mountain bikes.  

For downhill riding, riders should also be prepared with a helmet, knee and elbow pads, goggles, gloves, and potentially more padding such as body armour. Downhill riders usually opt for protection in the form of long pants and shirts/jackets and wear shoes with a flat sole to grip the pedals.  

downhill biking through forest

Downhill Riding Breckenridge  

In Breckenridge, thrill-seekers can try downhill riding at Breckenridge Resort beginning June 14th, 2024. Rent a mountain bike or class I e-bike and ride the SuperChair from the base of Peak 8 and connect multiple trails for longer rides.  

With a wide variety of mountain bike trails, Beginners can get started with the one green run, while intermediate riders will enjoy the diversity of 8 blue trails to choose from, and expert riders can send it on the resort’s 3 black trails.  

Breckenridge mountain summer

Some of our favorite downhill trails at Breckenridge Resort include:  

Whirl (green): This is a smooth 1.2 mi trail that takes riders down rolling singletrack.  

Prospector (blue): This moderate trail covers 1.2 mi in a rocky and steep option, perfect for riders trying to challenge themselves with technical riding.  

Wanderer (blue): This longer 3.7 mi route travels from Peak 8 to Peak 9, incorporating both ascent and descent like a XC riding trail.  

Zendo (blue): This intermediate trail takes riders out of the ski area into the county’s single-track trails, covering 1.2 miles.  

Game Trail (black): This 3.8 mi trail is also more of a cross-country riding trail, taking riders away from the main trails in the park with technical elements including rock gardens, jumps, and stream crossings.  

Dwight’s (black): Ride this 2.9 mi trail down steeper singletrack and over a wooden bridge crossing.  

downhill trail riding

Trail and XC Mountain Biking

Trail and XC mountain biking are similar in that they both require endurance and take place on off-road terrain with technical aspects. Trail riding is a bit more intense than XC with riding solely on singletrack and larger obstacles.  

For either type of off-road riding, bikers can choose to ride a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike. Hardtail bikes will be lighter, more efficient, and easier to maneuver for beginner riders, while full suspension bikes more easily handle technical terrain and obstacles, minimizing impact for the rider.  

trail riding through trees

Trail Riding Breckenridge 

Aspen Alley (intermediate): This trail is well known for its aspens and fall foliage, yet it is also a popular flowy 1.3-mile ride downhill bike trail. Those looking for a longer ride should try the Baker’s Tank and Aspen Alley loop,  an 11.5-mile ride on singletrack up around Baldy Mountain to the historic Baker’s Tank and Aspen Alley.  Both versions of this trail are ranked as intermediate. 

Frisco Peninsula Lakeshore Loop (easy/intermediate): Just 15 minutes away in Frisco, riders can explore the Frisco Peninsula along the shoreline of the Dillon Reservoir. This 6.1-mile loop is rated as an easier trail with views of the reservoir and a section through the Frisco Bike Park.  

Dillon reservoir

Galena Gulch to Colorado Trail (difficult): This 16.1 mile loop is a fun and flowy single-track adventure with stunning views of the Tenmile range, as you climb up to the Colorado Trail. Rated as more difficult, this trail is a challenging endurance ride, as you climb and descend about 2,000 feet in elevation.  

River Trail (easy): Perfect for beginners and kids, this mellow trail ride takes you along the Breckenridge Rec Path and onto singletrack along the Blue River. With 3.1 miles of riding and more descent than ascent, beginners will enjoy getting comfortable on singletrack surrounded by beautiful scenery.  

Burro-Spruce Creek trail (difficult): This 9.6-mile lollipop loop takes riders from Breckenridge Resort to the Spruce Creek Trail and Burro trail. Wtih technical and rocky sections, this difficult trail winds from the base of Peak 9 to singletrack on spruce creek trail yet offers stunning alpine views.  

Breckenridge to Como (difficult): Ride all the way from Breckenridge to Como via French Gulch and Boreas Pass on this out and back trail. With one way being 24 miles, this ride either requires a shuttle or a lot of endurance and motivation. With a variety of terrain, flowy downhill, and beautiful views, this lengthy ride will not disappoint.  

Check out our earlier blog where we break some of these trails, and others, down by bike type, and view even more Breckenridge trail rides for inspiration. With our North Park Ave. Shop right off the bike path and by the resort, it is easy to grab your bike rentals on the way to whichever trail you choose!  Book online to take 25% off your rentals, and simply stop on by to pick up your gear!

Written by Rosa Canales, Copywriting Specialist