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Winter 2021-2022 Forecast for Summit County

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Colorado winters are notorious for having harsh storms that cap the summits with fresh snow. The town of Breckenridge sees an annual snowfall of 300 inches per year of snow, making it a popular destination for winter warriors. Visitors from all over the world visit the resort to ski and snowboard its famous runs. Throughout this blog, we will be covering some of the best conditions for skiing/snowboarding with your rentals from Breckenridge Ski and Sport only a short distance away from the resort, and the history of the largest amount of snowfall ever recorded in Breckenridge.

A man slashing powder while skiing in a sunny day

Best snow

Planning the ideal time to ski in Colorado varies on how each weather front moves in and how much moisture is in the air. The best time of year for winter sports is when you see the most snow on the ground; this is generally the fourth week of January through the third week of April. All ski resorts pay close attention to reports so they can provide the best experience for guests. One way to ensure that the guests are pleased by their experience is by producing artificial snow to help keep the runs open during drought years.

Ideally, you would want to get out there on a day when there is cloud coverage. This makes for the best powder. The clouds help maintain the moisture within the air. They also slow the process of evaporation throughout the day.

View of a ski resort on a sunny day

What are the best runs?

The type of snow you have will determine your day of skiing. The ideal snow for a fun day on the slope is powder. The light and fluffy texture allows for optimal control while keeping the integrity and challenge of the run. Having an icy slope may sound like fun if you have a need for speed. However, this is not the case. Icy conditions make it more difficult to properly manage speed and find a safe place to land if you lose your footing or balance, leading to injury.

Trees covered in a lot of snow on a sunny day

The great snowfall in 1899

In the year 1899 Breckenridge received one of the longest stretches of continuous snowfall lasting seventy-nine days. As you can imagine, in a time before we had the advancements in technology, clearing paths for transportation was difficult. To grasp the severity of how much snow was on the ground, the snow would be equal to the second-floor window of a three-story building. It made the ground appear twenty feet higher than reality! There was so much snow that even the steam engines had stalled out on their way to deliver any goods to the Breckenridge area. Not much is known about how the people managed to survive this stretch of wild weather. Perhaps, foreshadowing the future of economic success within the Breckenridge greater area.

While enjoying your time on the mountain with your Breckenridge Ski and Sport rentals, keep an eye on the weather conditions during your visit using resources like Open Snow. Enjoy a day away from technology in the beautiful scenery of Breckenridge, Colorado.