The Beginner Mountain Biker’s Guide to Fall in Breckenridge

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Fall is an excellent time of the year for mountain bikers to enjoy the Rocky Mountains. From the Breckenridge greater area through Loveland Pass, down through Georgetown and beyond, you can find downhill mountain biking experiences for beginners and experienced riders alike. No bike? No problem. Bike rentals are affordable and transportation or delivery is included. As a beginner, you’ll need to know what equipment will keep you safe and having fun, as well as where to get it. You should also be aware of what type of trails suits your group based on your skill level, and some proper etiquette that guides, park officials, and experienced riders alike have made commonplace so everyone can enjoy these beautiful fall trails. 

EquipmentBSS summer

As temperatures begin to drop, the thrill of adrenaline on the trails provides riders with a fun fall adventure that can be enjoyed in numerous Colorado locations. When riding, safety should always be a top priority. Locally owned bike shops like Breckenridge Ski & Sport can offer expert advice and help finding the right equipment for each family member or friend, they can also be a great resource for finding local trails, answering questions about the need for lift tickets, additional gear, and choosing the right adventure for you. Check out this native’s guide to biking in Breckenridge. More importantly, having an experienced mountain biker fit you with the right helmet not only makes sure you are well protected, but it also leads to a more enjoyable ride. 


Locations, Trails, and Choosing the Right Ride for YouBSS summer

Colorado offers a wide array of public trails for beginners to the most experienced riders, and everything in between. Also, due to Colorado’s booming outdoor industry you’ll find services that range from guided mountain biking tours to shuttled downhill cycling or simple bike rentals. For instance, AVA offers bike adventures from Loveland to Georgetown and others, where they will rent you a bike, shuttle you to your starting destination and pick up the bikes at your end destination. Many popular trails in Breckenridge are rated by difficulty, such as Peaks Trail (rated Intermediate), Frisco Peninsula Lakeshore Loop (easy), or The Masontown Loops (difficult), making it easy to choose the right one for you. And of course, riding into town to celebrate at any one of our locally favorite restaurants is a breeze at the end of a long fun day. Finally, apps and websites like AllTrails or the MTB Project can be invaluable resources for finding trails near you.


Riding EtiquetteBSS summer

Knowing mountain biking etiquette is an important part of being a responsible rider, and can lead to a safer and more enjoyable day for you and other riders on the trails. First, riders going downhill on trails have the right of way because momentum is working against them and it’s much harder for them to stop or get out of the way than it is for someone going uphill. When approaching pedestrians on a trail make yourself known, by signaling where you are approaching from and which direction you will be heading to prevent accidents.  

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