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Everything you Need to Know about Opening Day at Breckenridge Ski Resort

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Feeling that chill in the Colorado air coming? Has that itch for the slopes increased so much that you can’t sit still just thinking about it? Maybe you’ve never experienced the freedom and rush you get shredding down one of the world’s best and gorgeous mountain slopes, to stop and pause in the middle of a run just to gaze upon all the snowcapped peaks, but your anxious to feel what that’s like. Well, it’s almost that time, Opening Day in Breckenridge is upon us. This little area of hills boasts 5 peaks, over 2,900 acres, 187 trails, 4 terrain parks, and don’t forget the tallest chairlift in North America, and that’s not including its new Freedom SuperChair that was put in this summer. Breck is prime for the picking this year, so catch up on your natives guide to skiing in Breckenridge.

Man skiing down a steep slope with the mountainside and trees in the background

If you’re a skier or snowboarder or neither, Opening Day at Breckenridge is one of the most exciting days in Colorado. You’ll see Tootoos, costumes, and even swimsuits, flying down the hills! It really is a celebration. The town itself is very family-friendly with so many options and events to enjoy, have fun, and create memories. If Mother Nature cooperates, fingers crossed she does, Breckenridge plans to kick off its 60th year of operation on November 12th. Protocols are still in place for your health and safety on the mountain. Face coverings will be required in indoor settings. Dine-in must be reserved ahead of time and you will be required to provide proof of vaccination before entering an establishment on the mountain for those 12 years old or older. No cash, only card accepted. But on the bright side, there will be no reservations necessary this year for mountain access… YAY!!! (remember having to check online to reserve for your days last year and constantly having to hit refresh to see if spots opened? Oh Mylanta)

Two skiers on the slopes of Breckenridge Ski resort talking a selfie with snow and mountains in the background

For those of you planning to fly in or drive from the front range that day but are having trouble finding transportation, there are excellent shuttle services available like Peak 1 Express to get you out to Breckenridge and back, you can even bring a furry friend along. If you need some gear definitely check out Breckenridge Ski and Sport as their prices are typically below the resorts with even greater quality gear… don’t say I never did anything for you 😉. Try to get everything planned out ahead of time instead of winging it last minute, because when in the mountains, everything goes fast. Plan on getting on the lift or gondola early too if you want to catch the freshest pow. If you catch yourself saying, “I want to be on the hill at 9 am”, it really means you won’t be up there until 11 by the time you get everything you need and then get to the lift lines. So just have everything out of the way and done, like transportation, gear, and your pass.

As mentioned above, restaurants and shops in the downtown area will be open with no restrictions, but the Resort’s cafeterias, restaurants, and shops will be restricted due to Covid. Though you shouldn’t have any issues finding some hot chili in the cafeterias on the slopes, you may want to pack some snacks just in case. Parking may be difficult if you don’t know where to go. You can park at the Breckenridge Transport Station (the main lot in downtown Breck) and take the Gondola right up to Peak 8, which would be the main area and the easiest, simplest, non-confusing way for those not familiar with the area. There is a parking charge. Breckenridge Ski & Sport can even bring you to the shop then drop you off at the resort at no charge with your rental bookings. So get your Tootoos, or DINO/Raptor inflatables slipped on, or just your skibbys – you do you, and create some memories.